Image use

Unless otherwise noted, all of the illustrations and texts on this website were created by Bertrand Brown (aka Gaëtan Marie) and are subject to copyright. None of the website’s contents can be reproduced and/or modified in any form without prior written authorization by the author.

Baseline – if you are interested in using my work, please contact me.

Using the images and contents – a few guidelines

Non-commercial websites or projects

In certain circumstances, I may grant permission to use specific images to non-commercial websites or projects, provided these are serious, well-written and well-researched websites/projects related to aviation.

There are no clearly-defined criteria concerning which websites/project I will accept or not, as I wish to keep the option of not being associated with certain websites or entities. Also, I do not want my work to be associated with certain websites, groups or ideologies and may refuse on those grounds.

Commercial websites or projects

For use on commercial websites (including websites that earn revenues from advertising), you must get prior written permission from the author.

For any commercial use, you must also get prior written permission from the author.

The images on this website cannot be sold or used in any commercial product or service without the prior written consent of the author.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing illustrations for commercial use (books, magazines, ebooks, commercial websites, etc.).

Once permission is granted, I just ask that these rules be followed:

  1. The credit line (© Gaëtan Marie) must still be visible and legible on the illustration. If it is not (for example if the image has been downsized or cropped), it may be replaced by a similar caption placed next to the image.
  2. The image should only be resized or cropped, but may not modified in any other way.
  3. You must provide a link to this website next to the image. (URL:, and the link must not be of the “rel=nofollow” type.
  4. Alternatively, the link can point to my online shop