Greeks in Foreign Cockpits – Volume 2 (USAAF, RAF & RCAF 1940-1945)
by Demetrios Vassilopoulos, Kyriakos Paloulian & George Chalkiadopoulos
(October 2017)
Squadrons! No.21: The Boeing Fortress Mk II & Mk III
by Phil H. Listemann
(June 2017)
Squadrons! No.18: The Curtiss Kittyhawk II
by Phil H. Listemann
(February 2017)
Mirage 2000N: l’aventure du 353
by Patrice Olivier
(December 2016)
Monnaies et Détections n°79 – Condor en Détresse
by Gilles Collaveri
(December 2014)
Squadrons! No. 2 – The Republic Thunderbolt Mk I
by Phil H. Listemann
(November 2014)