Piper Cub

The Piper Cub is the aircraft that made flying accessible to most and is often called the “Ford Model T” of aviation. With over 19,000 Cubs produced until 1946, it is still a very popular aircraft and copies are still being produced today, more than 70 years after its first flight.   1. This Cub, […]

Stampe & Vertongen SV.4

1. The SV.4C was a postwar license-built version manufactured in France by the SNCAN and powered with a Renault engine. F-BCXD was a SV.4C built in Sartrouville in december 1946 and modified to SV.4A standard in 1956. Thanks to Pierre vdB, owner of this good-looking aircraft. 2. Another SV.4A, restored to its original condition and […]

Heinkel He 51

The Heinkel He 51 was at best an average plane but remains the symbol of the rebirth of the Luftwaffe. It was used in Spain during the civil war by the Condor Legion, before giving way to its far more successful successor, the Messerschmitt Bf 109. 1. He 51 of JG 132 “Richtofen”, I. Gruppe, […]