Supermarine Spitfire F.21

The Spitfire F.21 was the last Spitfire version to serve in World War II. Considered as an interim version, it led to the ultimate Spitfire marks: the F.22 and F.24. These profiles were created for the book “Squadrons! No.7: The Supermarine Spitfire F.21” by Phil Listemann.  

F4U-5P Corsair in Korea

Here’s a first Corsair profile, depicting F4U-5P BuNo 122019 which was flown by VC-61’s Detachment A on board the USS Philippine Sea off the Korean coast during the winter of 1950-1951. The F4U-5P was the photo-recon variant of the F4U-5, and could be identified by the camera windows on both sides of the fuselage. The […]

Work in Progress: F4U Corsair

I’ve been working on creating a better template for the F4U Corsair. (Maybe I should say a proper template, as my original Corsair profiles date back to 2006 and are early work of very average quality at best). I’ve already finished the templates for the F4U-1D, F4U-4 (early and late production). There are still a […]

The Spitfire Mk V in the Far East

These profiles were created for the book Squadrons! No 3 – The Supermarine Spitfire Mk V in the Far East by Phil Listemann.   Supermarine Spitfire Mk V Trop MA292 of No 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron flown by F/O Sydney Weggery (RNZAF), Dohazari, India, January 1944. Supermarine Spitfire Mk V Trop JL320 of No […]

Supermarine Spitfire Mk VII

These profiles were created for the book Squadrons No 6 ! – The Supermarine Spitfire Mk VII by Phil Listemann. Supermarine Mk VII MD120 of No 131 (County of Kent) Squadron flown by S/L James J. “Orange” O’Meara. Culmhead, March 1944. Supermarine Mk VII MD182 of No 616 Squadron flown by F/L Jack Cleland (RNZAF). […]