Bréguet 14

The Breguet 14 was the workhorse of the French aviation arm during World War I and proved useful long after the Armistice. This model was created for a museum which will be opening in the fall of 2008 in Mayence. 1. Farman-built Bréguet 14 A2 of Br.35. This aircraft played an important role in the […]

Nieuport 11 (2)

11. Nieuport 11 #1763 of the 75a Squadriglia, Italy, 1916. 12. Nieuport-Macchi 11C, licence-built in Italy. This aircraft served with the Servizio Aeronautico Italiano in 1916. 13. Nieuport-Macchi 11 #3242 belonging to an unknown unit. Notice the unusual khaki camouflage. 14. Nieuport 11 C1 #1482 “Le Môme” (The Kid), Serbian Air Service, on the front […]

Nieuport 11

The Nieuport 11 was a very successful and nimble fighter that led to an entire family of light fighters. It was better suited to counter the Fokker Eindekker than previous models were and was the favourite mount of several aces. It was licensed-produced in Italy. 1. Nieuport-Macchi 11 (ex-Ni.1615) captured by Austro-Hungarian troops and repainted. […]


These are among my first profiles, and were created in 2005 and 2006. Fortunately, my skills have improved ! The SPAD VII / XIII were among the best aircraft in World War I. The SPAD VII was successfully designed by Louis Béchereau to be a very fast aircraft. Although it was not very maneuverable, the […]