Hawker biplanes, those magnificent flying machines

This set of profiles was created for Phil H. Listemann of RAF in Combat. Biplanes are always a challenge to represent, especially when the subject matter are some of the most beautiful airplanes to grace the sky ! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them !


Fury Mk I K7270 flown by the Commanding Officer of No 25 Squadron RAF


Fury Mk I K2048 flown by the Commanding Officer of No 1 Squadron RAF


Demon K5698 with a power-operated turret, No 23 Squadron, RAF Wittering, 1938


Demon A1-59, No 3 Squadron RAAF


Demon K4500, CO’s aircraft, No 604 Squadron, RAF Hendon, 1936


Nimrod Mk I S1634, No 802 Squadron, HMS Glorious, Fleet Air Arm


Nimrod Mk I S1619 of No 800 Squadron on board HMS Courageous, Fleet Air Arm


Nimrod Mk I K2831 of No 801 Squadron, HMS Furious, Fleet Air Arm


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