Hawker Tempest Mk II & Mk V

Hawker Tempest Mk V EJ580 was flown by F/L Ron Bennett of the Royal Air Force’s No 501 Squadron in October 1944. MW820 was a Tempest Mk II operated by No 54 Squadron in Chibolton in March 1946. Squadron Leader Jimmy Sheddan was the commanding officer of No 486 Squadron in May 1945 and flew […]

Fly it for Christmas !

It is with great pride and honour that I would like to introduce my partnership with maxFlite. The concept behind maxFlite’s product is quite simple: we all have fond childhood memories of playing with small foam gliders with propellers. In most cases, these gliders were as much fun as they were flimsy and unrealistic. MaxFlite […]

Tempest Mk II template

I’ve finished converting the new Hawker Tempest Mk V template into an early-series Mk II. Below is the Mk V template for comparison. I have a personal preference for the Mk V, which looks like some sort of brutal beast, but I must say the sleek and speedy lines of the Mk II are nice […]

Hawker Tempest

The Hawker Tempest was one of the fastest fighters of World War II. One of the most famous Tempest pilots was Pierre Clostermann, who scored a total of 33 victories. Tempests were used after the war by Great-Britain, Irak and India but were rapidly replaced by jets. I improved all of my Tempest drawings in […]