Curtiss Hawk 75/P-36 on final

The Curtiss Hawk 75, which saw some success during the Battle of France, was one of the first aircraft types I tackled. However, and despite some rework, these old illustrations were not very good so I recently took the P-40B/C template and converted it into a P-36/Hawk 75. Here is the result: The P-40 prototype […]

Curtiss P-36 Hawk (2)

11. Hawk 75A-7 of the NEIAF based at Andir AB, Java in 1940. 12. Hawk 75A-7 of the 1st patrol of 1. VI.G.IV flown by Sgt van Breen at Madioen, October 1941. 13. P-36A of the 79th Pursuit Squadron, 20th Pursuit Group, in 1940. 14. P-36C of the 27th Pursuit Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, during […]

Curtiss P-36 Hawk

The Curtiss P-36 Hawk was a rather successful aircraft for its time but was on the verge of obsolescence when World War II began. It was widely exported, including to France where it proved inferior to its opponent, the Messerschmitt Bf 109, in most respects except for maneuverability. It was also extensively used by Finland […]