Aero L-39 Albatros

The L-39 Albatros is one of the most succesful jet trainers ever built, with nearly 3,000 built and operated by many air forces. The type is now becoming popular on the civilian market, with several hundred registered by private owners.

Russia, L-39C, 444 TsBP i PeLS, 2005

1. This aircraft served with the 444th TsBP i PLS (Combat Aircrew Training and Retraining Center) of the Russian Navy in Ostrov, in the Pskov region. Its c/n is 834375. It had just gone though overhaul and was returning to its unit.Russia, L-39C, 444 TsBP i PeLS, 2005 -d



2. Several aerobatic teams operate the L-39, including the Breitling Jet Team, which has been using the Albatros since 2002.

Ukraine, L-39C, Vasilkov AB, 2008

3. Ukraine is one of the many users of the L-39 trainer. This weathered aircraft was seen at Vasilkov AB in 2008. Its unit is unknown, and any extra information about it would be appreciated.

US, L-39C, N239BA

4. Many L-39 are now in private hands in the US and Europe such as N239BA, which bore this colourful livery for a time.

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