Dassault / Dornier Alpha Jet

A highly successful advanced trainer and light attack aircraft, this Franco-German venture was nonetheless outsold on the international market by its principal rival, the BAe Hawk. It is well known as the mount of the French aerobatics team, the Patrouille de France.

NB: As of May 2013, a new template has been made for the Alpha Jet. The old profiles, which are of lesser quality, are still viewable at the bottom of this page.

France, Alpha Jet E165, 60 ans de la PAF

1. The Patrouille de France celebrated its 60th anniversary on May 25-26, 2013. For this occasion, special markings were painted on the fin as can be seen here.

Older profiles


1. Alpha Jet B of the Belgian Air Force.


2. Alpha Jet E of the GE 314 ‘Christian Martel’ training school, based in Tours, 2006.

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