Guy Gibson’s Avro Lancaster “Admiral Prune”

UK, Lancaster B I, W4118, Admiral Prune, S-L Guy Gibson, No 106 Squadron Guy Gibson flew this Lancaster B Mk I (W4118) when he was commanding officer of No 106 Squadron. After leaving the squadron he became the CO of newly-created 617 Squadron, an elite unit that became famous for destroying dams in the Ruhr valley. Gibson led the attack and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions and leadership.


UK, Lancaster B I, W4118, Admiral Prune, S-L Guy Gibson, No 106 Squadron -detail

4 thoughts on “Guy Gibson’s Avro Lancaster “Admiral Prune”

  1. Nice work on the art. I am researching my uncles Lancaster which was shot down over Schwienfurt in 44. He was with the 106 sqdn as well. His plane numbers were ND853/ZN-J, trying to find any info on them is difficult at best of times. I am doing a model of his plane and the DO217-N1 which shot down my uncles place and which my uncle also shot down at the same time. Both were lost in the crashes.
    Any info you may come across would be great.

    1. Thanks for the kind words on my work. I’ll try to see if I can come up with anything but I’m not sure I will, unfortunately. I imagine you’ve already tried contacting the RAF museum?

    2. My father was a Sergeant Pilot on 106 in 1943, stationed at Metheringham, I believe. His name was Gordon Richard Price, RCAF. We have a copy of the photo showing the Squadron in front of Admiral Prune with Gibson, Searby and the dog in the foreground. He completed his tour with 106 and later served with 617 at Woodhall Spa.

      1. We owe your father and his brothers in arms a great debt for their service and all too often for their sacrifice!

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