“Hell’s Belle” – and a new partnership

For over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dimitris Vassilopoulos of Greeks in Foreign Cockpits, a Greek “amateur” historian whose research into the lives and careers of Greek airmen, and airmen of Greek origins, in foreign air arms has yielded more than professional results. Dimitris has been able to uncover stories, photos and data which had never previously been seen. I strongly recommend visiting his site, which contains a wealth of information you won’t find anywhere else.

Beyond our work relationship, Dimitris has become a very good friend, so I’m honoured and pleased to announce a new partnership with him.

The profiles created for Greeks in Foreign Cockpits will now be sold on Bravo Bravo Aviation, and part of the benefits will be donated to Greeks in Foreign Cockpits. Dimitris has already published two volumes of his research, in 2014 and 2017. The funds from the sale of the new prints will help fund the publication of Volume Three.

The first of the prints sold will be of “Hell’s Belle”, a B-24H-15-FO Liberator of the 781st Bomber Squadron, 465th Bomber Group, 15th Air Force in Italy in 1944. Steve Chirigotis, born in 1924 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, from Greek immigrants, was the radio operator and gunner of Hell’s Belle. Steve Chirigotis turned 95 on August 3, 2019. You can learn more about his life and service on Greeks in Foreign Cockpits.

USAAF, B-24H-15-FO, 42-52505, 'Hell's Belle', 781 BS, 465 BG, Pantanella Airfield, Italy, 1944
Click for a larger version.

If you’re interested in a print of “Hell’s Belle” and want to support Greeks in Foreign Cockpits, please visit Bravo Bravo Aviation.

The print layout, as available from Bravo Bravo Aviation.


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