Messerschmitt Bf 109G

Germany, Bf 109G-6, Obslt. Johannes Steinhoff, JG 77, Foggia, August 1943

1. Bf 109G-6 flown by Obslt. Johannes Steinhoff (176 victories), Geschawderkommodore of JG 77 in Foggia, Italy, August 1943.


Germany, Bf 109G-4, Oblt. Franz Schiess, 8.~JG 53, Tunisia, February 1943

2. Bf 109G-4 flown by Oblt. Franz Schiess of 8./JG 53, Tunisia, February 1943. Schiess claimed 67 kills before bing killed in a dogfight in September 1943.

Germany, Bf 109G-6, W.Nr. 27169, Fw. Heinrich Bartels, 11.~JG 27, Kalamaki, November 1943

3. Bf 109G-6 Werk Nummer 27169 was flown by Fw. Heinrich Bartels (99 victories), who belonged to 11./JG 27, based in Kalamaki, Greece, in November 1943.

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