More Grumman F4F Wildcats


11. FM-2 of VC-12 based on USS Core, 1945. The Dark Gull Grey over White was the typical paint scheme for all escort Wildcats in the Atlantic.


12. A Martlet Mk II of 881 squadron, HMS Illustrious.


13. Martlet Mk II AM978 of 888 Sqdn, HMS Formidable, Madagascar, May 1942. This aircraft participated in the fighting over Madagascar during the landings.


14. Martlet Mk III of 805 Sqdn, serial AX746 (or 3876), Dekheila, August 1941. The first batch of Martlet III were aircraft ordered by Greece and diverted to Great-Britain when that country was invaded. They were all painted in USN Non-specular Light Grey.


15. Wildcat Mk VI (FM-2) serial JV715 of 881 squadron of the Royal Navy Air Service, on HMS Puncher, February 1945. The British eventually abandoned the practice of giving new names to American aircraft, thus the Martlet became known as the Wildcat in British service.

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