Mustangs of Polish aces in the RAF

Mustang Mk III FZ152 flown by W/C Stanisław Skalski, No 133 (Polish) Wing.

Stanisław Skalski DSO DFC was the top Polish fighter ace of the war and the first Allied fighter ace of the war, credited, according to official lists, with 18 11/12 victories and two probable.


Mustang Mk IV KM112 flown by S/L Witold Łokuciewski, OC No 303 Squadron, 1946.

Witold Łokuciewski fought in the Polish Air Force in 1939 and later fled to Romania, France and finally the UK. He was shot down over France in 1942 and spent the rest of the war in captivity. He became commanding officer of No. 303 Squadron in February 1946. He was credited with 9 (and 1 shared) kills, and 4 probable kills. Although he flew the Mustang after the war, Łokuciewski never flew the type in combat.

Mustang Mk III FB166 flown by S/L Eugeniusz Horbaczewski, No 315 (Polish) Squadron, 1944.

With 16.5 aerial victories, Eugeniusz ‘Dziubek’ Horbaczewski stands as the third highest-scoring Polish ace of the war. He was killed in combat on August 18, 1944.

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