Nieuport 11 (2)


11. Nieuport 11 #1763 of the 75a Squadriglia, Italy, 1916.


12. Nieuport-Macchi 11C, licence-built in Italy. This aircraft served with the Servizio Aeronautico Italiano in 1916.


13. Nieuport-Macchi 11 #3242 belonging to an unknown unit. Notice the unusual khaki camouflage.


14. Nieuport 11 C1 #1482 “Le Môme” (The Kid), Serbian Air Service, on the front of Salonika during World War I.


15. Nieuport 11 used by the Soviets in 1918.


16. Nieuport 11 built by the Dux factory in Saint-Petersburg. It was painted silver and assigned to 19 KAO, 1st BAG, where it was flown by senior non-commissionned officer Serikov, in Summer-Autumn 1916.


17. Nieuport 11 built by the Dux Factory in St Petersburg. The Russian roundels were painted in 16 locations.

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