Nord N.2501 Noratlas

The N.2501 Noratlas was a successful French cargo aircraft of the 1950s, which was used by several military and civilian operators.


1. 63-WA was Noratlas #169 and served with the 63rd Escadre de Transport. It was flown by the Escadron de Transport 2/63 “Vercors” and the Centre d’Instruction des Equipages de Transport 430, both based at the BA 101 Toulouse-Francazal field in 1978.




2. Noratlas 52+41 served with Lufttransportgeschwader 62 (Air Transport Wing 62), which was based at Alhorn AB. This was the 43rd Nord N.2501D Noratlas, a variant of the N.2501 designed for Germany. After its retirement, the aircraft received civilian license “D-ACUG” and is now preserved in a children’s playground in the city of Minden. The elephant was the wing’s badge until it moved to Wunstorf AB, when the elephant badge was replaced by one with a blind crow.

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