Polikarpov I-16 ‘Rata’

I created this model for an article to appear on capturedplanes.net. Naturally I’ll make a few other birds in addition to the one originally planned and add them here. This new drawing was also a chance to test some new highlighting and shading techniques as well as new weathering renditions. I am rather happy with the results and hope you’ll enjoy it too!


1. The I-16 type 10 was one of the most numerous Chinese AF fighter. This aircraft belonged to the 24th Chungtui, IVth Tatui, and was part of the group that encountered Japanese A6M Zeroes on 13 December 1940.

100% size sample: cockpit and engine cowling


2. This I-16 type 10 was used by the Krasnaya Pyaterka (“The Red Five”) aerobatic team. Although I have no picture of the original aircraft, the livery was colourful enough to tempt me. If anyone has a picture of the aircraft, I would be very interested in seeing it. According to vvs.hobbyvista.com, the aircraft were fully operational and armed, painted AEh-8 light grey with black flash and cowling, bordered in white. Other sources indicate the tail was light grey instead of red, but I’d rather trust Hobbyvista’s interpretation in that respect. The team flew in 1939-1940 and three of its members were identified: Mayor M. Yakushin (lead), Podpolkovnik V. Kletsov and Kapitan Yu. Shishkin.

i16-003 3. I-16 type 10 flown by A. Brazovets of the 7th IAP, winter of 1939. This aircraft was unusal in having red circled star in 8 positions. Interpretation based on Hobbyvista material.


4. This I-16 type 10 belonged to the 29th IAP in 1939. These colours, considered distasteful by most including the author, are probably more historically accurate than what is usually represented. The aircraft was painted AEh-15 (or AEh-5) green over AII Blue, and carried a red star on the spinner. Interpretation based on Hobbyvista material.

File details:

  • Size: 3543 x 1393 (30 cm x 11.79 cm at 300 dpi)
  • Weight: approx. 30 Mo.


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