Le Fana de l’Aviation n°610 – La tenue des pilotes de P-47 (Stéphane Duchemin)

Author: Stéphane Duchemin

Publication date: August 2020

ISBN: 0757-4169


In 2011, Stéphane Duchemin, Wing Leader of the CAF French Wing, acquired a B-8 American parachute in very poor condition. He decided to restore it and research its origin. This was the beginning of a long research project that led him on the footsteps of Lt Marvin J. Rosvold, a P-47 Thunderbolt pilot of the 397th Fighter Squadron, shot down and killed by German Flak on 17 August 1944. He made contact with “Marv” Rosvold’s family and was able to retrace Marv’s career. The culmination of this project was the visit of Marv’s family to France.

Stéphane’s article describes the equipment and flight gear used by Thunderbolt pilots, through the lens of Marvin Rosvold’s career, and includes a custom-made profile of his P-47D.