Saab 29 Tunnan

The SAAB J29, called the “Tunnan” (barrel), was the first of a series of excellent fighters built by the Swedish company SAAB. Although it only saw action in Congo as part of the UN peacekeeping force, it was judged equivalent to the American F-86 Sabre during meetings with the USAF in Europe.


1. SAAB J 29A Tunnan n°29448 of Wing F2 of the Flygvapnet (Swedish AF).


2. SAAB J 29A Tunnan in a “what if?” Israeli scheme. Israeli considered purchasing the Tunnan for some time, but eventually chose another aircraft.


3. SAAB J 29F of Wing F20, Swedish Air Force.


4. SAAB J 29F of Wing F15, Swedish AF. This aircraft bears a red diamond on its spine.


5. An Austrian J29F. This aircraft is preserved in a museum in Vienna. Wingtips and stabilizer tips are painted dayglo orange.


6. J29F 29478 of F6 Wing.


7. The third production model, J29A c/n 29003, in Olive Green colour.


8. J29F 29433 of Jabo 1, Austrian AF, Linz-Horsching, 1965.


9. SAAB J29F Tunnan of the Swedish AF, flying in Wing F10, bearing exercise markings.


10. J29F 29549 of Wing F10, Swedish Air Force.


11. SAAB J29F 29621 of F9 Wing. Notice the unusual Wasp nose art, painted on both sides of the cockpit.


12. J29A c/n 29293 of Wing F12, Swedish AF, 1953.

2 thoughts on “Saab 29 Tunnan

  1. Please go back, and look again at the J-21. It was 1st, both as an indigenous fighter design for Saab using a pusher-prop and Ejection seat (kind of needed, eh?), and then as a Jet-Powered fighter (removed the DB V-engine, and put in a Whittle Jet, much like a DH Vampire). The J-29 took two leaps, a Nene engine, and Swept-back wings, but, I think the aerodynamics borrowed heavily from Kurt Tank’s ideas, such as the TA-154. I love your Artwork, very nice, quite accurately detailed! Just be sure other ‘details’ are as good. Good Work!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words on my work!

      I didn’t forget the Saab 21/21R, but I don’t consider as excellent so I wouldn’t include it this “series of excellent fighters”. I think all the later Saab fighters (Tunnan, Draken, Viggen and now Gripen) are extremely good aircraft but in my humble opinion, the J-21 was not nearly as outstanding as these later Saab designs.

      I hope this explains my comment. 🙂

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