These are among my first profiles, and were created in 2005 and 2006. Fortunately, my skills have improved !

The SPAD VII / XIII were among the best aircraft in World War I. The SPAD VII was successfully designed by Louis Béchereau to be a very fast aircraft. Although it was not very maneuverable, the SPAD was fast, could dive well and was a stable shooting platform. The SPAD XIII was an improved variant, which was equally successful.


1. French SPAD VII flown by Lt de Turenne of the SPA 48.



2. SPAD VII of the Royal Flying Corps, Sainte-Marie-Capelle, December 1917.



3. SPAD VII of the 23rd Squadron of the RFC, La Lovie, July 1917.



4. SPAD VII no 4707 of the 91a Squadriglia, Autumn 1917. This was the personal aircraft of Giorgio Pessi, an Italian ace with 6 victories.



5. Polish AF SPAD S.VII #11543 flown by the 19th Fighter Squadron, Zhodino Airfield, May 1920.



6. SPAD VII flown by S/Lt Edmond Thieffry, with the Belgian 5e Escadrille de Chasse, November 1917. Thieffry was credited with 10 victories.



7. S.VII flown by Jean Mistarlet of SPA 31. He was shot down in this aircraft and made POW on 7th April 1917, and the aircraft was captured. It kept the SPA 31 badge while flying with Jasta 38, as seen here.



S.VII of the 103rd Fighter Squadron of the American Expeditionary Corps, ex-Escadrille SPA 124 La Fayette. The La Fayette squadron was transfered to the US Army in 1918.



S. VII flown by Donate Pozzolo, commander of the XXIII Gruppo of the Italian AF, 1924. The coat of arms is composed with the emblems of the four squadrons included in the group.



7. S. XIII of the 23rd Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, Matigny, France, February 1918.

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