Curtiss P-36 Hawk (2)


11. Hawk 75A-7 of the NEIAF based at Andir AB, Java in 1940.


12. Hawk 75A-7 of the 1st patrol of 1. VI.G.IV flown by Sgt van Breen at Madioen, October 1941.


13. P-36A of the 79th Pursuit Squadron, 20th Pursuit Group, in 1940.


14. P-36C of the 27th Pursuit Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, during war games in 1939. For these maneuvers, the aircraft received an unusual scheme of Light Grey, Olive Drab and Aircraft Cream. The absence of any American insignia on the aircraft might indicate that this aircraft was playing “Red Team” in the maneuvers.


15. Hawk 75A-1 of HLeLv 11 at Pori AB, Finland, late 1947.


16. Hawk 75A-3 of the HLeLv 44 based at Uomaa in 1944.


17. Hawk 75A-4 of the LeLv 12 at Joroinen AB, July 1941.


18. Chinese (Nationalist) Hawk 75A-5 based in Kunming in 1942.


19. Hawk 75A-2 operated by France, the Vichy Armée de l’Air, and later Germany (as seen here) and Finland.


20. Hawk 75A-2 of GC I/4, flown by Sergent-Chef Joannes Cucumel, Reims airfield, 14 June 1940. On 10 May, Cucumel had shot down a Do 17, followed by a Me 109 and a He 111 the next day. He was later transfered to GC II/9 where he scored many other victories flying Bloch 152s. Credited with a total of 9 victories, Cucumel was killed when he crashed in a mountain on 28 August 1942.

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