Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

The P-40 was an evolution of Curtiss’ P-36 Hawk. Despite its limited performance, it was used throughout the war, on all fronts.

US, P-40-CU, XX-XXX, 55 PS, 20 PG, 1941

1. The P-40 became the USAAC’s standard fighter shortly before the war. This early P-40 belonged to the 55th Pursuit Squadron of the 20th Pursuit Group, based at Hamilton Field. Note the long nose gun barrels and lacked the armoured windscreen of later versions.

US, P-40B, 41-XXXXX, 2Lt George Welch, 47 PS, 15 PG, 1941

2. When Japanese aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor, a few American pilots were able to take off and fight back. George Welch used this P-40 from the 47th Pursuit Squadron, 15th Pursuit Group, to down 4 enemy aircraft.

US, P-40-CU, 39-184, X-804, Luke Field

3. Early versions of the P-40 were rapidly replaced by more evolved versions early in the war, with many being relegated to training duties. This heavily weathered aircraft was flown at Luke Field for advanced training.US, P-40-CU, 39-184, X-804, Luke Field -d

AVG, H81-A2, P-8127, No 47, R. T. Smith, 2 PS

4. This H81-A2 (British export version of the P-40) was diverted to the American Volunteer Group in China, better known as the “Flying Tigers”. P-8127/47 was flown by several pilots before being assigned to R.T. Smith.

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