Dassault Etendard & Super Etendard

Known as the “Swiss knife” in the French navy due its versatility, the French Super Etendard recently retired after 40 years of distinguished service. I have made templates for the Etendard IVP, Super Etendard and Super Etendard Modernisé. It was successfully used by the Argentinian during the Falklands War, and also served in Irak in 1983.

aaa-super-etendard-modernise-port-modelClick the image above to see the high-resolution template.


The Etendard IVPM was the photo-recon version of the Etendard. On April 15, 1994, CV Clary, the CO of Flottile 16.F, was flying No 115 on a photo recon mission over Gorazde in Bosnia and Herzegovina when he was hit by a SAM. Despite serious damage to the tailpipe, elevators and fin, Clary managed to nurse the aircraft back to the Clémenceau aircraft carrier and landed safely.

france-super-etendard-no-16-escadrille-59sSuper Etendard No 16 was assigned to Flottille 59.S of the French naval air arm.

france-super-etendard-modernise-no-51-flottille-17f-detachement-kandahar-afghanistan-aout-octobre-2008The final version of the Etendard/Super Etendard was the upgraded Super Etendard Modernisé, which notably served with distinction in Afghanistan. This is SEM No 51 of Flottille 17.F, which was deployed at Kandahar from August to October 2008.

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