Dewoitine D.520

NB: The profiles depicted on this page are early, lesser-quality profiles. Please visit this page to view more recent and better Dewoitine D.520 profiles.

The Dewoitine D.520 was called “the French Spitfire” and was the most advanced fighter in service in the Armée de l’Air at the time of the German invasion. It proved to be a match for the German Bf 109 but was not available in sufficient numbers. It served with the Vichy government and also with Germany as an advanced trainer as well as with allies of the Reich.


1. D.520 of GC I/3 at Cannes-Mandelieu airfield, April-May 1940. The two-tone camouflage was unusual.


2. D.520 of the Corps Franc Pommiès, a Free French unit, in August 1944.


3. Bulgarian D.520 flying with the Luftwaffe, in the III (Bulg.)/JG6 based at Bojourishte, February 1944.


4. D.520 of the 1st squadron of GC I/3, May 1940. This aircraft, No 98, was flown by Sgt. Chef Paul Bellefin and wears the standard French camouflage scheme: brown, green and grey uppersurfaces, with grey-blue undersurfaces.


5. German D.520 of JG 101, a “Jagdfliegerschule”, i.e. a fighter school based at Pau-Nord airfield in France, March 1944.


6. D.520 n°139, damaged at Douala airfield, Cameroun, 1940.

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