Curtiss Hawk 75/P-36 on final

The Curtiss Hawk 75, which saw some success during the Battle of France, was one of the first aircraft types I tackled. However, and despite some rework, these old illustrations were not very good so I recently took the P-40B/C template and converted it into a P-36/Hawk 75. Here is the result:AAA-P-36-port-model

The P-40 prototype was the 10th production P-36, but the differences between the two go way beyond a simple engine change.

After a few days of holidays, I’ll be presenting the first “new” profiles of the P-36. Since I’m both French and American, I will be favouring aircraft from these countries. French fighter pilots were after all the most successful on the type, along with Finnish pilots fighting the Soviets. 🙂

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