Several years ago, I made a series of drawings of the Jaguar (see below). These had the wrong proportions and they were not up to my current standards of quality. Therefore I have created a new template of this aircraft, the results of which I hope you will enjoy. (October 6, 2009)

The SEPECAT Jaguar was a joint Anglo-French venture which began with a request for an advanced trainer and resulted in a regular attack aircraft which was successfully used by France, Great-Britain and other countries including India.

France, Jaguar A 74, 11-YJ, EC 4~11 Jura

1. The Jaguar was usually a dirty aircraft, covered with oil and dirt. This one however, with its clean “european” camouflage and no pylons/stores at all, shows to good effect the unusual lines of the aircraft. It belonged to EC 4/11 “Jura” and carried the Serpentaire (serpent-eagle) of escadrille SPA 158.

France, Jaguar A 104, 11-MO, EC 2~11 Vosges

2. This aircraft was sent to Chad in December 1986 as part of Operation Epervier, protecting Chad against Libya.

France, Jaguar M, prototype

3. The 5th Jaguar prototype was converted into the Jaguar M (Marine) prototype. This aircraft was supposed to replace the Dassault Etendard within the French Navy but was eventually abandoned in favour of the modernized Super Etendard.


4. This Jaguar took part in the fighting over Irak in 1991. It belonged to EC 1/11 “Roussillon” before being transferred to EC 2/11 in late January 1991. It carries a new desert scheme and bears 14 bombing mission marks. Chaff and flare dispensers are fitted against the engine housing, under the wings. In addition to bombs and/or missiles, the Jaguar usually carried a Barracuda jammer (left wing) and a Magic self-defence missile (right wing) into combat.

Older profiles


1. Jaguar A98 flying with squadron 2/11 “Vosges” of the AdlA. This aircraft received a special desert camo scheme for deployment to N’Djamena in Chad in May 1986. From there, French aircraft attacked the newly-built airfield at Ouadi-Doum.


2. Jaguar A (n°100) of squadron 2/11 “Vosges”, flown by Captain Mahagne, Avord AB, June 1988. This aircraft bears the standard “metropolitan” Jaguar camouflage scheme.


3. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the type’s operational life with the 11th escadre, two Jaguars were specially painted in a light blue to dark blue gradient in June 1990 at Toul-Rosières.

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