Australian Spitfires Mk VIII in the Southwest Pacific

After the previous post dedicated to the Spitfire Mk VIII in the Southwest Pacific, here are profiles of the Mk VIII in Australian service. These profiles were created for the book Squadrons! No.20: The Spitfire Mk. VIII in the Southwest Pacific – The Australians by Phil Listemann.

1. Spifire Mk VIII A58-526 (MT552) “Avagrog” of No 79 Squadron RAAF, Morotai, spring 1945.

2. Spitfire Mk VIII A58-602 (MV133) flown by  Wing Commander Robert “Bobby” Gibbes, CO of No 80 (Fighter) Wing, based in Sattler, Australia, in December 1944.

3. Spitfire Mk VIII A58-631 (MV125) flown by F/L Stanley Scrimgeour of No 457 Squadron RAAF in Labouan (Borneo), June 1945. Note the very weathered paintjob, numerous paint patches and unusually-strong exhaust staining.

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