Mohawks of the British Commonwealth

The Royal Air Force and South African Air Force were some of the operators of the Curtiss Hawk 75, the export version of the P-36 Hawk. In RAF or SAAF service, these aircraft were called Mohawk. Here are a few examples, created for Phil Listemann’s book Squadrons! No. 17 – The Curtiss Mohawk.


This Mohawk Mk IV (serial 2540) was part of SAAF’s No 6 Squadron in Durban, summer 1942.


The Mohawk Mk IV (serial BB928) flown by Squadron Leader Charles “Porky” Jeffries of No 155 Squadron RAF, Agartala, India, early 1943.


The Mohawk Mk IV (serial AR690) flown by Flight Sergeant Dick Wicks, No 5 Squadron RAF, Agartala, India, autumn 1942.

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